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To provide world class enterprise solutions for utility companies.

Energy companies today are constantly looking to upgrade their performance levels with regards to higher efficiency methods. The need of the hour for such utility companies include optimized generation, efficient distribution, timely realization of dues, high customer service, risk management and increased energy options.

Day to day operations of utility organizations operating today in the industry are heavily impacted due to various reasons, many including Deregulation, restructuring, energy trading, new technologies, convergence, and the imminent breakdown of vertically-integrated utilities.

To avoid colossal losses and lose out to competing entities, utility companies must look to tackle changing market dynamics to produce and deliver innovation cost effectively and safely. Throw in evolving regulatory landscapes and immediate public priorities, it becomes paramount for utility companies to stay ahead of the curve with the latest innovative software solutions.

EnergySync™ solution for Electricity utilities eliminates inefficiencies from back office operations. They help you reduce costs, ensure customer satisfaction, and maximize asset reliability. EnergySync™ suite is a complete office automation for power utilities, maintaining customer accounts, effective material management and inventory, works management, optimized maintenance of inventory versus works, human resource management, effective guidelines on managing revenue versus expenses of the utility. This will reduce costs, ensure customer satisfaction, and easier asset tracking and reliability.



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We are fortunate to be working with top utility companies and municipal organizations who use our products to better their services and improve the lives of consumers

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