Success story

Mangalore Electricity Supply Company known MESCOM is an Indian electricity supplier to the districts of Karnataka namely Dakshina Kannada, Udupi, Chickmagalur and Shimoga. Power utilities undergo complex process of budgeting, purchase grants, manual transactions, approvals which are time consuming and cumbersome.

Higher cost of operations due to the delay in process and more man power to manage entire system. Also, non uniform procedures followed at different office within the company. Also, this challenges leads in lack of transparency.

MESCOM has been successful in reducing manual procedures with introduction of Energy-Sync solution which eliminates inefficiencies day to day operations. Also, help to reduce cost, ensure customer satisfaction and maximize asset reliability.

By implementing Energy-Sync, MESCOM has benefited as mentioned below:

  • Creation of Estimate for works involves adding all necessary materials and its respective rates from Schedule of Rates. Also, user needs to calculate the charges manually and finalize Estimate which will require lot of time. By implementation of Energy-Sync, user can easily create an Estimate in few minutes where all the necessary material details along with its rates are available in system.
  • Every Works, Procurement will needs funds where respective budget must be verified before proceeding. In manual system, this will be achieved by verifying budget using multiple ledgers. This issue has been simplified in Energy-Sync by on-line budgeting system which will provide all necessary details regarding Budget available.
  • Annual Expenditure Reporting is difficult manually since MESCOM covers large geographical area with many works which will be handled at different offices within MESCOM. User needs to collect data from multiple ledgers to complete this report. With help of Energy-Sync, this reports can be generated within seconds for entire financial year.
  • Procurement and Inventory management is tedious task. Materials must be managed well so that day to day work is not hampered. This is achieved manually with multiple reports and records maintenance for each material type. This issue is simplified in Energy-Sync by automatic stock updates against materials requested. This has helped in timely procurement of additional material whenever required.
  • Manual salary generation process is complex as user needs to add or remove different allowance and deduction per employee wise. Data must be verified again to make it error free. With implementation of Energy-Sync HRMS module, this process has been simplified. By just clicking on Salary Generation option, user can generate all employees salary with all possible allowance or deduction which are applicable.
  • Documents such as Estimate, Work Order, Purchase Order and others needs to be verified and approved by respective officers which will require time. By introduction of Energy-Sync, user can view, verify and approve any document on-line. Also Energy-Sync Lite Android Application will allow user to view and approve documents using their personal android devices.